Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Or Pay Per Click (PPC) Explained

You want to get as many people as possible from other parts of the Internet back to your site. And, you may of heard terms such as SEO and PPC used to get traffic to your site right away. What are they,

SEO which stands for search engine optimization is basically free traffic from the search engines. What happens is sites such as Google and Bing. Look at your site and index it, that if you have a blog post about sail boats and someone searches the term “sailboats” in a search engine. Your site might appear in that listing. This costs nothing but it’s mostly based on chance. If you get lucky, you could rank highly for a particular search term but next week or next month you could be moved around in the search results. One week you might be #5 in the ranking, #1 in the search result and next week #50. I look at free SEO search engine traffic as extra traffic as a bonus on top of what I’m doing to get people back to my site.

Then on the other extreme, there is PPC or pay per click traffic. This is where you set up an account with an ad network, you make an ad, you figure out what site to promote, and you decide what keywords you want to bid on and what price you’ll pay per click for each of those keywords. But it’s very hard to keep consistent because you can spend several hours every day getting an ad right, getting an campaign to send you constant clicks but someone else comes in, does the same thing and bumps you out of your place.

There’s also lots of strange rules and you have to get your cost per click, your bid, your keywords, and your ad right in order to get decent traffic. There are a lot of factors involved and on top of that, you need to worry about the conversion rate on your landing page to make sure that for every dollar that you spend on pay per click, you get a dollar and ten cents back out of it. It’s very difficult and very hard to set up and keep consistent.

What do you do instead if SEO is extra traffic and PPC is too hard, What you do is get traffic in the usual ways forums, articles, and affiliates. Make as much traffic as possible. Go to a forced opt-in page that you can get people on your mailing list and after they sign up for something such as a free gift. You after send them to a sales letter but because they’re on your list, you keep sending out autoresponder emails. If even they didn’t buy yet, you can still build the relationship and keep making connections, and keep finding more people to promote you over time.

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