What Is A Forced Opt-In Page, Why Do You Need One, And How You Can Set It Up In The Next Few Minutes,

If you don’t yet have an email responder service to build a list of email subscribers, you need to sign up for an account right away but getting an account is not enough. You need to also set-up a signup form but if you place a signup form on any old webpage, the average person is not going to know to fill in their information unless they really want to hear from you again.

Let’s make it as easy as possible and create a full forced opt-in page which is a page where there’s nothing else people can do other than to sign up for your mailing list, and that’s it. There are no links to say “no thanks.” There are no links to other sites. There is nothing someone can do on this page but sign up for your mailing list and collect a free gift.

To make your forced opt-in page convert a little bit better, you can create several of them and welcome particular visitors from a certain traffic source. If you have Joe Smith as one of your affiliates, you can have that opt-in page say, “Welcome Joe Smith Subscribers.” If you’re promoting on a real estate forum, you can have that particular landing page say, “Welcome Real Estate Forum Visitors.” But it helps to customize your offer based on how people ended up on your landing page or forced opt-in page.

And, all that’s left is to promote that gift at the forum you want, from your blog or on someone else’s site. But not only do you need to have an autoresponder account set-up and you create a form and put it on a webpage, but also promote this on forums, blogs or othere websites.

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