Build A Responsive Buyers List With These Three Components

If you really want to have a list of subscribers in your autoresponders that are eager to get your messages, who read what you say, click on what you tell them to go to, and buy. You need to have a list of buyers. Having that freebie list built from forced opt-in pages and blog opt-in pages are great but nothing beats a buyers list.

To build this kind of list, you need to have a list from the right crowd. Make sure people sign up or opt-in after purchase, introduce yourself, and tell them about your other offers. It’s one thing to send traffic to a forced opt-in page where there’s nothing for sale, where they only have to their name and email address.

But it’s another thing to send people to your site, have them buy the first time they see your sales letter, and get them to opt-in afterwards. And, a really great source of traffic for this is from message boards or forums because you can contribute lots of good information, get people to know they can trust you, by that time they click over to your they know you and they are ready to buy, and now you’ve built a new subscriber from that buyer.

The same thing could be true on Facebook or Twitter if you do enough one-on-one interaction. Now, the easy way to build a list of buyers is to get people to buy and place an email opt-in form on your download page. Somebody clicked, they bought, they downloaded now they are signing up for updates and depending on your autoresponder and payment processor, for example, Aweber and PayPal. You can set things up so that when somebody pays you money, they are automatically subscribed to your mailing list.

And, now you have these ultra qualified buyers who you can use to get testimonials from, get feedback or even tell them about your future offers. But you can’t do that unless you send them messages to those buyers. Make sure as soon as they get on this buyers list, you introduce yourself. You tell them who you are. You tell them how they can get to that download and what other kinds of things you offer and over time, promote your other offers and explain why because they bought this product. Product number two is perfect for them as well.

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