How Many Hours Per Week Are Necessary To Maintain A Membership Site,

Even for large membership site, you don’t have to spend tons of time taking care of your members and adding in new content. In fact it is very easy and tempting to overload your members by updating too much and piling too much into that site. All you need to maintain a membership site is about one hour per week. And here’s how I would structure it, 30 minutes for content, 20 minutes for promotion, and 10 minutes for maintenance.

With the membership site, one big piece per week is all you really need. This might be 30 minutes making a video, or an audio, or a handful of articles, but you can compress a lot of good information into one single block of time, then, that’s good enough. Hence, what you can do then is have one big piece and cut it up into smaller pieces like, 15-minute interviews or fifteen minute halves. You can take your one 30-minute video and add an assignment to the end of the video that drips out a few days later. You can add a checklist or places you were able to brag about, what you have done or a quick start guide a few days after that. But if you just have one chunk of content every week, you can then build on that. And 30 minutes is good enough. An hour of content recording is good if you want to have a higher priced membership site, but basically, 30 minutes of recording video content.

But content is not enough, you also need to promote your site and get new members in to replace the ones that drop out every now and then. So spend 20 minutes doing something to get either one new member in or one new person to promote. This might mean posting a special offer on a forum, contacting someone new to be an affiliates or even just e-mailing your subscribers and talking to people one on one and asking them, what will it take to get them inside of your membership site.

And for the remaining 10 minutes added every week, you do need to just check in and make sure that everything is okay with your membership site. Some people may not know this, that they can grab their lost password and need to tell them the password. Some people might have left comments or forum posts that you need to moderate and make them live or even respond to people who have asked questions or run across problems. You also might tweak your membership site theme, or plug-ins, or structure for those few minutes because we are always improving, because you don’t have to set-up your membership site perfect the first time, just get something out there and improve it incrementally as it goes on.

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