Keep As Many People As Possible And Retain More Members In Your Membership Site

When you have a monthly membership site, people will drop out from time to time, sometimes in their control, sometimes it’s not. But you can take a few preventive measures to make sure that if they have a choice, your members will stay inside your site as long as possible. Be upfront about your rebilling, announce what content is ahead, and keep in touch with your members using e-mail follow-ups.

It just is common sense on your sales letter to tell people what amount they will be charged every month and how much will they be charged. But far too many people skip this step. If you’re offering a hundred dollar per month membership site then tell people that when they buy they will be billed $100 immediately, and then $100 every 30 days until they cancel. You would be amazed that people who get confused about this. They might think that it’s free now but they won’t be charged until 30 days, or that they will be billed every 31 days, or on the first of the month, so you need to tell them ahead of time this is exactly what you’re being charged. And this is a good reason to avoid trial offers, or up sells, or forth-cut nudie when a monthly membership site is concerned. Tell them what and when they will be billed and bill them in exchange for the content or the services inside of the membership site.

And once you were inside the membership site, tell them what content is coming. Will you be providing two audio files per month, What day of the month will they be played out, Tell them and let them expect it. Even if you say it on the sales letter, it really can’t hurt when they log in to the site to see what’s coming up and you might actually save a few cancellations. What if one of your customers sees that they have been billed, logs in to cancel, but then notices that if they just wait a few more days they would have access to a video that they really want. Make it simple and tell your members what content is ahead.

But you can’t expect them to keep logging in and checking in, can you, That is why you should also keep in touch with e-mail follow-ups. Tell them what’s coming out tomorrow. Tell them what you just posted, tell them what you posted last week, but think of an excuse to contact those members at least once per week either telling them about new content or asking them to participate in some way. Every blog post you have in your membership site could be an excuse to mail. Every comment someone leaves in a blog post could be an excuse, every form post, or apply in a form post can be an excuse to mail as well. So get your paying customers to log back into your membership site so that they actually consume what they are paying for.

And those are some easy ways to keep people or retain members in your membership site. Be upfront about the price and the rebilling, announce content that’s coming up, and keep in touch about your e-mail responder about what content you just added.

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