Fully Or Partially Outsource Your Membership Site Using This Easy Guide

A membership site sounds easy and sounds like a lot of fun, right, If you can get a certain number of people to pay you a certain dollar figure every month then you can pay for your car payment or pay for your house payment. It sounds fun, to get things started and to make content and to get people into your site, but, how can we automate this so that it does not become a chore,

And the thing you need to know about outsourcing anything especially membership sites is that you do not have to outsource the entire thing. And I’m not even sure that everything can be outsourced at all.

I trust myself. I trust myself to make my own videos, or make my own connections, or get my own traffic, but I am okay with outsourcing the non-creative items. For example, if I make a video and I want to add a transcript, I trust other people to make transcripts out of those videos. If I am running low on membership site content, I trust many other marketers who offer resell rights to have decent content, and I have no problem purchasing resell rights from others to use as content inside the membership site. I am fine with buying a design or a WordPress theme or paying someone to have graphics made for me, but I still want to make my own videos and do my own promotions. Outsource the non-creative laborious stuff that takes you a lot of time and do the creative parts on your own.

And also, make sure that you automate most of your membership site software as possible. For example, with a software like wish list member, you can automate not just a part really were they buy but also the security which cuts off their access when they cancel. If someone loses their password, WordPress will take care of resetting their password or e-mailing a new one to them.

A lot of the tasks that go towards maintaining your membership site are not that difficult and you can devote just an hour a week towards making sure everyone who has cancelled is cancelled, anyone who asked for a password has a new one, and anyone whose payment didn’t go through is taken care of.
But, don’t think about outsourcing or membership site outsourcing as an all or nothing choice. You can outsource the things that take you too long or that you don’t want to do and leave the creative stuff to yourself.

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