How Much Content Do You Need To Launch Your Membership Site,

Warning, I don’t want you to get caught up on creating tons of content before you launch a membership site.

You don’t need to make a year’s worth of content in advance before launching a site. You don’t need to make 6 months, 3 months or even really an entire month ahead of your subscribers before you launch. All you have to worry about is staying ahead of your very first subscriber. Think about that, if you have 6 months of content inside your membership site and no one joins, then what good is it, What is the difference between having a month of content and six months of content if no one is even inside to look at it. There is no difference. That’s why you should start off with just one week.

Can you make just one or two videos to keep people happy and give them something to watch or stay busy with after they join your site, If you can, then, that’s all you need to launch. And if no one buys, then the problem is not of the content, it’s with the promotion of that membership site. But if you get a handful of subscribers, now you know that you have to create another week of content.

And it is fun to stay about a week ahead of your earliest adaptor, because you can schedule yourself in advance, you can create two videos at a time and so on. But don’t use content as an excuse not to launch. It’s too tempting and you might not have any buyers. Worry about the buyers and then worry about getting far ahead in the scheduled content.

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