Organize Your Membership Site So That Your Buyers Will Use It

Question, when you set-up your membership site, do you take the time to think about what your visitors will be trying to get access to or do you simply pile in content with no thought towards usability,

If you haven’t yet thought about how your membership site should be organized, this will help. What you want to do is, keep in mind that one single post can belong to multiple categories, that you should type and module your post as well. In WordPress you have posts and you have categories. A category can be a group of posts but a post can have multiple categories. For example, let’s say you set-up categories like module 101 and module 102, and you also have categories, for example called video and called software. One single post in your WordPress membership site can belong to both the 101 module and to the video category. And that means when we look at the video category, we can list all posts that belong to the video category and we show the 101 category lists of posts laying to the 101 category. But it is very important to keep in mind that you are not limited to assigning one post to just one category, one post can have many categories.

But what kind of categories should you set-up,

I recommend two different kinds of categories. First set of categories for the different types of media in your site. One might be video, one might be audio, one might be reports, you might have assignments or check lists. These could be different categories. In that way someone can click on just the video category and list all the videos, just the check list category and see all the check lists. You should also type your categories according to module, in other words, what’s the simple stuff, what’s the hard stuff. What I like to do is name my modules 101, 102, 103 and so on and apply a post to one type category and one module category. That means if someone wants to just list the audios, they list the audio category, someone just wants to start out they list the 101 category and that makes sure that everything is organized and that your members can easily get to the information they need.

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