What Is Drip Content And Why Do You Need It,

When you have membership sites, sometimes it just doesn’t make sense for people to pay you on a recurring basis and be able to get all of the downloadable items all at once. I have been in a few membership sites where I pay a monthly fee but as soon as I joined I had access to the previous several years-worth of content, and what happened was I was overwhelmed, I was confused and I definitely did not consume everything inside of those membership sites.

But you can be different. You can structure your membership site with Drip Content and make it more like a course. Somebody pays you a monthly fee, they joined and they get access to the first week or two of content. If they stay in for another few weeks or another few months they get access to even more videos and downloadable items over time. In this way, when people join, they can see what’s coming up, what was just delivered, and it’s all hand-fed to them over a link of time so that it makes sense because the more they pay the more access they get to the information.

If you have a recurring payment plan kind of site where somebody might pay you once a month for five or six months and then stop, this makes sense as well because someone joins, they pay for just the first month, they get just the first month of content, when they pay for the second month, they also get the second month worth of content and so on all the way until they get to the end. And I have even used Drip Content on single payment membership sites. Someone can pay you one time, for example $50 and get access to a few videos but the longer they wait around the more videos they get at no extra charge. The bonuses are dripped out and they can make sense of the first few videos and when it’s time to move on to the next step they get access to the next few videos. And that’s all Drip Content really is. Someone joins your site now, they get some content, then after a few days or weeks they get more content whether they pay for it or don’t pay for it depending on how you set it up.

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