Membership Site Or Download Page,

When you are setting up the digital delivery of your product, you can either set up the membership site or a download page. How do you know which is right for you,

Download page is the quick and easy solution. If you want something to setup in next few minutes and it’s a temporary page if you haven’t made a few sales of your product yet, but a download page is a good starting point to link to a video or downloadable materials that someone just bought from you. The sequence is, they see your sales letter. They click on payment button, and after they have pay they are sent to your download page. Where you then say thanks for your order and you link to whatever zip file they need to download or play or whatever video they should be seeing. It’s easy to setup but it’s tough to update. Because if you want to improve your product you have to go back, upload a few file, change the link, and notify your buyers of the new change. It’s also tough to drip content out. On few of my site I like to set things up where somebody pays me money once to get one thing but every few days he gets something new as bonus as a surprise and it’s difficult to do that with the simple download page. Plus it’s easy for others to copy that exact URL web address and share it with their friends.

A membership site requires a little more setup but there are bigger benefits to that. It’s more secure, which means that it’s tougher for others to share links. Because they also have to share a username and password and there are built in tracking in most membership software, such as wish list member where if same user account logs in from two mail locations it will temporarily freeze the account. It’s also easy to drip content with plug in such as WPDRIP and setup a membership site where someone joins and they get their first piece on content, but get something new every few days. But the membership site needs a little more setup, but there are little more advantages and which should you use. The answer is you should choose both. For now, set up a simple download page, so your buyers have some place to go. And after you’ve got few sales, you can now justify the cost and the time of setting up your membership site to secure it and to drip out your content.

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