Exactly What To Put On Your Download Page When You Offer A Digital Product

If you are not yet ready to setup a full fledge membership site or shopping cart, you can easily get setup in just a few minute and have a website created where someone sees what you have to offer they click and pay and they are immediately sent to a very simple webpage where they can download that thing they just pay for. It’s actually easier than you think, just make a webpage that links to a zip file, contains an email opt in form for update and then promotes an additional offer. First you need to zip up the things you’re offering, that way people can easily download it to their computer. This means if you are offering a video and you don’t know how to embed it on a webpage. You can have the download reversion, just take the video file, right click it, go to send to, then create a compressed folder, that will create a zip file or basically a package that puts your video inside it.

Likewise if you create a PDF report and you simply link directly to the PDF and someone clicks on it, it will open up in their browser. But if you want people to save it, put the PDF inside a zip file and link to that zip file. You can use any use any HTML editor and any webpage template to create a hyperlink to that zip file on your web server. Somebody loads that download page after they buy from you and the first thing they just see is the link to what they just bought. Underneath that, step two, you should have, sign up for updates. If you have an email auto-responder such an Aweber, you can make a separate sub list of just your buyers. And put the form on the download page so that the only people who can sign up for this buyer’s update list are people who paid you money!

So far we have step 1, download your zip file, step 2, sign up for updates, and finally add step 3, promote another offer, make it the next step. If you offer a beginner’s course on word-press then find someone who offers the advance course sign up as an affiliate and link from your download page directly to this additional offer. And that’s your download page!

Step 1: They download.

Step 2: They register for updates.

Step 3: They check out the next logical offer you have for them.

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