The Best Way To Monetize Your Blog

It’s one thing to set up a blog. It’s another thing to fill up that blog with content, but youll have a lot more fun tweaking and editing and responding to commenters if your blog at least makes a little bit of money.

Let’s talk about how to monetize your blog from ads, links, and subscription forms. The easiest but probably worst way to monetize a blog is with banner ads or text ads. What you can do at first is find someone else’s site and link to them. Some people will contact you and offer to pay you $20 or $50 per month in exchange for a link on every page of your blog. And if it’s worth the $20 or $50 for you, then go ahead and add that graphic or text to your theme or to your sidebar. But an even better thing to do is find an affiliate program on your own and sign up, and have that link on your blog. That way, you aren’t given a flat fee. People can click on that link, and if they buy, you get a commission. The downside to that is if no one clicks and buys, then you send people off of your site and you don’t make any money.

That’s why the best way to monetize your blog is with an e-mail sign up form, an opt-in form, and a link to a product that you have made. That way, when you have an opt-in form on your blog, people are subscribing to your newsletter, and they can come back to your site when you make a new post or have a new offer. Likewise when you link to one of your products, if they end up buying and signing up for updates, you can still send them back to your blog or back to other offers, but that person is not lost forever.

As far as monetizing a blog, the easy way is to make a banner or text ad. A better way is to link to an affiliate program. And the best thing to do is to set up an opt-in form and link to one of your paid products.

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