How To Install a WordPress Blog On Your Own Site

Adding a blog to your site is a very good idea because you can list all of the articles, old e-mail messages, and basically thoughts and tips easily on a site, and you can do it to a point-and-click interface. You add a post and it’s on there. You can categorize these posts, they’re grouped by date, you can make them searchable, all built in.

Installing WordPress on your site is probably easier than you thought, especially if you have a Cpanel webhost. When you log in to Cpanel which is the back end of your website, there are many icons to click on but there is a blue smiley face labeled Fantastico. Once you are on this area, on the left side bar, there is a link to install WordPress. When you load that page, they are going to ask you for the title of your new blog, description, the web address if you want to set this up, and your log in, and that’s it. Click a few buttons and now you have a WordPress blog set up, ready for a theme, ready for plugins, ready for content. You just fill in a form. It’s super simple.

On the off chance you don’t have a Cpanel webhost, there still are not a lot of extra steps and you can find many freelancers who will install WordPress for you for about $5. It’s very simple. You got to, you click on the giant download button, and you will download what’s called a zip file. You right-click the zip file and unzip it, basically just by double-clicking the file, opening it, and dragging the contents out of that folder. Then you will upload using an ftp client, and use your webhost to add a database. With many webhosts, you can simply ask the host and they will set up the database for you as WordPress instructs. Once you’ve compeleted these steps, you will then load your blog and it will ask you to fill in details like your database name, user name, and title of your blog. After taking those four steps, you’re back to simply filling out a form, click a button, and again, your WordPress blog is now set up, ready for you to write your first post, choose a theme, and add some of your favorite plugins.

WordPress is easy to install on a Cpanel host. It’s just point and click. But even on a non-Cpanel host, you take a few steps of downloading, unzipping, uploading, and setting up a database, and then you just fill in a form, and WordPress is installed anyway.

And that is how you install WordPress on your site.

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