Month: June 2017

How To Set Up Your Opt-In Page

When you set up an opt-in page to build a list of subscribers and get people coming back to your blog or website over and over, you will need 3 specific components: an autoresponder service, a web page template and an opt-in form. First of all, you need to pay a professional autoresponder service to

Why You Need An Opt-In Page

When you have an opt-in page, you can get people to sign up to your email autoresponder which allows you to have a list of everyone who has signed up for getting information from you and you can send messages to those people. What’s really cool about this is you can set it all up

Factors To Look For In A Web Host

It’s not enough to register a domain name, you need to find a server so you can pay about $10 per month to host your files, such as your WordPress blog, your download pages, or shopping carts. There are a few factors to look for in a web host because there are so many to