Include Graphics, Sub-Headlines, And Bullet Points In Your Blog Posts For Maximum Effect

It’s a really good idea to check out your competition and to observe other bloggers and see what they do and why they do it. One thing that many successful bloggers do is add graphics, sub-headlines, and bullet points in their blog posts. Why do they do that, The reasons are: for readability, to emphasize what’s important, and to make any component of the post easy to access.

When you add these components like graphics, sub-headlines, even bullet points, it’s easy to skip around and to see what is on the page. If I’m reading an article about Twitter and there’s a picture of the blue Twitter bird on my blog post, it’s pretty clear that I am reading about Twitter. And if I’m scrolling through a long post, I can easily stop and see this picture that is something important, or see a picture on a topic I’m interested in, and read just that part of the blog post. So I’m reading your blog post, not necessarily a long novel. It’s okay for me to skip around and it’s better because if I don’t see what I’m looking for on your blog post, I might leave.

Next, for sub-headlines, this makes it very easy to structure your post so people can see what’s important. If you are listing five things that everyone should improve on their websites, I want to know the five things. Because maybe, I’m just going to read one of the five things, or I want to know what the five things are upfront, or I want to start at one of the middle five things. By having a sub-headline, we can easily emphasize what’s important. And at least in WordPress, you can type in the sub-headline to tip number 1: what the tip is, and in the editor, you can select Heading3. Select the text and choose Heading3, and now you have a sub-headline built directly into your blog post. So when I visit your blog, I know exactly what’s important.

Within that editor, there is also a button to create a bulleted list, or a list of bullet points where you can say, “Here are the benefits to Tip #1” and list bullet points. That way, I don’t have to comb through long sentences or long paragraphs. I can see exactly what the list is. And you aren’t limited to just having a list. You can actually share the long version and underneath that, have the bulleted list so that if I want to read the long version, I can. But if I just want the summary, I can read that bulleted list.

And that’s why you should include graphis, sub-headlines, and bullet points in your blog posts for better readability, to emphasize what’s important, and so that I can pick and choose exactly what content I need.

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