Integrate Your Blog With Twitter and Facebook

If you take a few simple steps, you can take advantage of a huge amount of traffic from Twitter and Facebook, and at the same time get access to new people and make new connections that you would not have made just from having a webpage online, or from having a mailing list.

Because with Twitter and Facebook, you have your own private community, your own little groups of friends, you can easily build a relationship and have people clicking over to your blog and leaving comments every time you make an update just by installing a couple of easy plug-ins.

The first plug-in that is great to install is the TweetMeme plug-in. This adds a simple square button on your blog post, and shows how many people have re-tweeted or re-shared your post with their own followers on Twitter. And the great thing about this is that even if you are the only one who has shared this post, it will show that one person has shared your post on Twitter. And guess what, if you share today, tomorrow, or the next day, that shows as number 3. So the TweetMeme plug-in shows a little bit of social proof by showing how many people shared your blog post with the world. And at the same time, gives people an easy way to re-tweet the link to the subscribers with one click.

With Facebook, there is a way to integrate the RSS Feed of your blog so that when you post to your blog, it also posts on Facebook. But what I prefer to do is after you make a post, take that exact link and post it on your profile or on your fan page. The reason for posting this by hand is because you can change the title that appears in the link and your own description to customize for your followers. It’s very simple. As soon as you make that blog post, copy out the URL or web address of that post, and paste it on your Facebook profile so that your friends can see it, click the Like button, comment on Facebook, or even better, click over and visit the exact blog post.

As far as sharing your blog on Twitter or GoogleBuzz, Facebook, or any other social networks, it’s easy to do. You don’t always require a special plug-in and there’s no rule that says you can’t re-tweet and re-share old blog posts in addition to new ones. What if you went to a blog post that was a week old, and re-shared it, What if you went to a blog post that was six months or a year old, and re-shared it or re-tweeted it, The TweetMeme number would increase, you would have more people seeing this old piece of content, and a chance that new visitors could see this content that they had not previously had access to.

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