How Long Should Your Blog Posts Be,

When you’re adding a new post to your blog, it’s always tough to figure out how long you have to write. But that’s the wrong question to ask. In fact, it does not matter how long your blog posts are.

I’ve checked on my own blog as far as comments, and the short posts get just as much response as the long posts, which means that there’s no correlation between the length of your post and how many people read it, and how much response it gets.

This means that if you have a point to make, if you can make it in a shorter amount of time, then that’s less work for you. In other words, if you can take the same 1,000-word blog post and say the same message in 100 words, then do it. Because there’s no minimum requirement on a blog, and you will still get the same number of comments, but with ten percent of the effort and time as you did before. So your blog post is just as long enough as it has to be.

If you read different people’s blog posts, you will find that some bloggers actually have very, very short posts. And if you can follow those bloggers, you can model what they do, and you will see that they use some different techniques to keep the length of their posts at a minimum.

My favorite technique for keeping the length of a blog post down is with lists and bullets. Instead of telling a big long story about the top ten things to use to fix a home, you just list the top ten things, and that in itself is a blog post as long as it condenses the same information down. And even then, you don’t have to cram every little thing you have to say into one blog post. If you have ten things to say, those could each be ten short blog posts scheduled over time. And then, blog post number 11 can in itself be a list linking back to the other blog posts, which gives you more content, which provides more easy-to-access solutions and more ways for people to find you from searching something specific on Google or on your website.

The length of your blog post doesn’t matter because you get the same number of comments, whether you have a short or long blog post. It just needs to be as long as it has to be to keep attention and make your point, and a great way to do this is lists and bullet points to make it easy to read and easy to jump down to the comments, leave a comment, or click on a link.

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