How To Choose The Perfect Title For Your Blog Posts To Get The Most Traffic And Biggest Response Every Time

The biggest reason why you’re probably making blog posts is so that people find you from the search engines. And when people get to your site, they stay as long as possible and see all the authoritative information you shared on that blog. But if your titles suck, no one is going to click from the search results. They aren’t going to stay on your site for very long, and they might not think that you know what you’re talking about. That’s why you need to have very good titles for your blog posts. But luckily, there is not a lot of thinking involved if you just follow these simple steps.

The first thing you can do is think of things you see searched for. You can check your statistics in your cpanel, check AWStats, and find out what key phrases people type in to search engines to end up on your site. When you look up these similar topics, what exact phrases do you put in the search engines to end up on these pages, If you want to search, for example, for how to create a logo, then an obvious blog post for you would be “How to Create a Logo.” That way, if someone types in the exact phrase “how to create a logo,” or even “how to create a logo for a small business,” then there is a greater chance that they will see your blog post in the search results and also click, because it contains the exact phrase you looked for.

Another good tool is GoogleSuggest. Google will guess what you are about to type in their search engine. So you start to type something into Google, a dropdown will appear with various suggestions. That means you might start to type “how to design” and it could list suggestions like “how to design a web page,” “a logo,” “a graphic,” things like that. And you can use those to get the exact phrasing that people tend to type when they’re looking for this exact solution. And that’s something to keep in mind is you are not just talking on your blog to talk. You are answering real problems and real solutions. Think about what would you ask. And it’s okay to have some of your blog posts be statements, and some be questions. You can have some blog post titled, “How to Design a Logo,” and it’s also acceptable to title your blog post “How Would I Design a Logo,” And both of those will capture different types of people looking for the same information.

To get good blog posts, type in things you see searched for. Use the GoogleSuggest tool to figure out what are popular search phrases and consider what you would ask when looking for this information, keeping in mind it’s okay to have statements-titles, and question-titles.

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