Re-Use and Re-Purpose Your Blog Content

When you make a blog post, you aren’t limited to just using it one time. You can recycle this same exact, word-for word information in many different ways including articles, sequel content, e-mail auto-responders, and guest blog posts.

When you make a post to your blog, that’s great because someone can see everything you’ve written all in one place, it’s ranked very highly on the search engines, but if no one knows about this information, it’s no good.

That’s why you can take the same exact blog post, including the title, and post it to different article sites or different forums, or different guest blogs. And what’s funny is that some forum software actually allows you to have your own blog within that forum. You have to look around to find it but there are many places that accept this guest material in the form of articles.

You can also create a sequel, or follow-up, or revised version of any of your blog posts. Let’s say that you made a blog post about how to install WordPress. And in the future, WordPress changed the setup process. Then it’s time to update that, and edit the time stamps so that it appears as if you just wrote it because you just modified it.

But here’s what’s even more interesting, is that there’s nothing wrong with taking a blog post that’s two or three years old that’s still relevant, even if you didn’t have to change anything in that post, and do the same thing. Make it appear as if it came out today, and put it on the front page of your blog.

Another easy thing to do is take the contents of that blog post, and set it as an e-mail follow up. You can either paste the entire blog post as an e-mail message that gets sent, or just make the message link people back to your blog post and they can leave a comment.

And finally, you can take your best blog posts and either use them as is, or improve them and contact other blog owners, and offer this as a post on their blog. There’s always articles, sequel content, e-mail auto-responders, and guest blog posts to take the same exact thing you wrote on your blog and reuse it over and over again.

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