Should You Pay Subscribers To Join Your List,

You need to make sure that your email autoresponder list of subscribers is steadily growing every day. You really want to grow it as fast as possible because if you have this list of subscribers you would rather have a database of a thousand people to contact than 10 or 100, right, You want to build this list as fast as possible but is it possible to pay people to join your list to allow them to get on there faster and build your business faster,

The answer is basically yes. In some autoresponder services such as 1ShoppingCart, you can pay people for every sign up they send to your website which means that you can set it so that if someone refers a subscriber into your system you send them $1. Basically, the system will keep track of how much money you owe to each affiliate, they sign up as an affiliate, promote your webpage and they are tracked. But if you look at the subscribers they sent, if they sent fake subscribers or if they violated your terms of service you can uncredit them. But when the time comes to pay everyone, you can dump all of the information into a PayPal mass pay file and pay all those affiliates at once.

Although this works it has the biggest risk because you aren’t sure how many of those subscribers will buy from you and there’s no guarantee you will make your money back on those leads you paid the affiliates to send to you. A less risky way of building a list is with a free gift. You make a simple webpage that offers a five-page PDF or five-minute video in exchange for typing in their name and email address.

These are going to be slightly better subscribers although not the best because you have no idea if these subscribers own credit cards, trust you enough to buy or are even interested in what you are offering. There’s no risk because you don’t have to pay anything to get these subscribers into your system but it is slow going because you are stuck with the traditional method of traffic such as forums, articles and so on to get the subscribers. You can’t necessarily get affiliates to promote your opt-in page.

Finally, the best kind of list you can build is a buyer’s list which is very simple. Somebody paid you money for a report or a video. It can be a $100, even as something as little as $7 is good. A $7 buyer is way better than no buyer. Somebody paid you money and on the download page you add an email sign up form. Someone can sign up for updates or get bonuses but they have already proven themselves as someone who has paid you money and now they are joining your opt-in list. They are a proven buyer and these are going to be the most responsive buyers who read your messages, who click and who are most likely to buy again.

That’s the kind of people you can get on your list. You can pay for lead which gives you the biggest risk and the least proven subscribers. You can have a free gift which offers something for signing up as a reward but the problem is this is a slow way to build a list and you can have a list of buyers which means after someone pays you, they sign up to your list. In reality, you should have all of these methods of building a list to figure out who you can pay to send traffic your way, figure out what free gift you can offer subscribers and make sure that when someone pays you, they join your list.

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