Re-Use Broadcast Emails

Re-use your most successful autoresponder emails. When you have a autoresponder email system which contains a list of subscribers, you can either send a message right now which means that right now today you type in a subject and a message, you hit “send” and all your subscribers receive it or you can schedule emails as follow-ups which means that on day one new subscribers get this message, on day two subscribers get that message, on day three they get another message and so on. But that seems like a lot of writing so should you focus on broadcast or follow-ups,

Well, the answer is both. The answer is you should be sending broadcast now and then re-use your best email messages as follow-ups for subscribers that join your list later on. This makes it very easy for you. This means that all you have to worry about is what email message are you going to send this week,

If you are brand new to email marketing then let’s take it easy. Let’s just worry about what’s one short and simple email message we can send right now today and then take the rest of the week off. If you are an intermediate list builder then let’s think about what email to send on Monday, what to send on Wednesday and what to send on Saturday. If you have sent many emails to you list before and you’re used to typing these emails then let’s try to schedule at least one email for every day of the week Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. But all you have to worry about is what to send your subscribers within the next few days and that’s it.

Afterwards, you can go and check your Sent folder. This is interesting. Every email autoresponder service I have come across keeps an area or tab or folder of all the messages you have sent to your autoresponder subscribers. This means you don’t have to keep track of what emails you’re sending, just worry about what you will send this week then later on check that “sent” area and copy and paste those into follow-ups. That means that this week you might send an email on Monday, an email on Wednesday and an email on Saturday and next week you might go back to those emails and say, “Schedule the Monday email for day one, schedule the Wednesday email for day three and schedule the Saturday email for day six.”

What will happen here is people who were already subscribers to your list received the email when you first sent it out but if someone joins your list starting tomorrow, if they subscribe or fill out their name and email address then they will receive those same messages but later down the road once they have been on your list for a while. As far as I’m concerned, some of your emails will be good some will be bad so the more email messages you have scheduled the better.

I’m not a big fan of measuring your emails and seeing if a particular email got you a lot of clicks because some emails are good for building up a need or for explaining to your subscribers why something is important and then later on a certain email will say, “Now that I have given you this information before, now it’s important for you to click on this link.” I don’t care about measuring successful emails. I say as many of your sent emails as you can use put them into your follow-up sequence so that anyone new who joins your list gets those messages as well.

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