What To Look For In An Email Autoresponder Service,

If you don’t yet have a list of email subscribers it’s easily one of the biggest and easiest improvements you can make to your business because when someone comes to your website they can sign up for updates whether they are a free visitor or a paid buyer and get notified about new content and new offers you have for them. You need an autoresponder service. Everyone else is getting an autoresponder service so which service is best for you and how much can you expect to pay,

My favorite autoresponder service for starting out is Aweber. The reason for that is because you can send an unlimited number of emails, the emails get sent on time and you have many different options including broadcast, timed broadcast, follow-ups and you can easily manage your subscribers.

What does it mean to be able to send an unlimited number of emails, There were some email services such as iContact that have very good deliverability and a very good interface but you are limited to only sending out six email messages to your subscribers every month. That means if you have a busy week and happen to launch a product that week and send six emails that week then you can’t send anymore messages to your subscribers for the rest of the entire month. That’s why even though there are some autoresponder companies with better deliverability than Aweber, I don’t like them because you are limited in how many emails you send every month.

Another thing to check out is do the emails get sent out on time, Read the user reviews around the Internet of the autoresponder service you’re looking at and find out if when it comes time to blast or broadcast a message to your subscribers, it will get sent right away.

There are some autoresponders such as 1ShoppingCart that have an autoresponder built in but they only guarantee that when you send a message it will go out within 24 hours. That means you might email your subscribers at 8 o’clock in the morning but the message might not be broadcasted until 4 or 5 o’clock at night. That’s why even if the deliverability is a little worse on some autoresponders, I would rather that the email message gets sent out exactly when I hit the “send” button so they all can go to the time limited offer on a webpage if they want or visit the webinar or teleseminar right away.

Finally, make sure that the autoresponder service you’re looking at provides you with the basics which means that it lists all of the subscribers in your email list and you can delete people or re-arrange them into sublist if you need to. Make sure that you can send out follow-ups which means you can send out an email on day one, day two and day three. Make sure that you can send broadcast which means that you can send an email to everyone right away and that you can also schedule timed broadcast which means that on Monday morning you can say, “I want this email sent out Tuesday, this ones on Wednesday, this one on Thursday.”

That is what you should look for in an autoresponder service such as Aweber the ability to send out an unlimited number of emails, get the emails get sent out immediately and they have the basics such as subscribers, follow-ups, broadcast and timed broadcast.

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