The Best Day And Time Of Day To Email Your List Of Subscribers

One of the most common questions I hear when people are building a list and using their list to market their offers to the subscribers is what day of the week is best to mail and what time during the day is best, What’s funny is that this is mostly superstitious marketing and we’ll find out why in a minute.

The reason why it’s superstitious is because it doesn’t make sense and anyone who has an opinion is simply guessing. You might hear someone say that the best time of day to mail is Monday morning at 8 o’clock AM. But someone else might say, “That doesn’t make sense because people are just starting the week.” So everyone tries to mail at Tuesday at noon. But if that was the best time of day to mail then why is every single marketer mailing at that time and now there’s too much competition.

It doesn’t really make sense to claim that you should only email on a certain day of the week because this is just one more excuse not to email today. The best day to email is today. I have emailed on weekdays and on weekends and I just get access to different types of people on my list. Some people only check their email on weekends when they’re not at their day jobs. Some people only check their emails at night or in the morning. What’s more important than emailing on a certain day is to email multiple days so that we can be sure that most of our list has seen our offer.

One thing that I do like to do however, is to email early in the morning where most of my subscribers are a large portion of my subscribers are in the United States so I make sure that my emails are sent out fairly early in the morning. That way, the majority of my list will see those messages the very first thing when they come on their computer.

You can try mailing on different days or different times of the day but what matter is more than anything else is that you send messages in the first place. Instead of worrying about mailing to your list on Monday only, on Wednesday only or Friday only, mail your list every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and you will capture many more visitors and readers than you would by focusing on one single day.

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