You Can Send The Same Message More Than Once In Your Email Autoresponder To Your Subscribers

When you are trying to email your subscribers daily or weekly or at least on some consistent basis, you might start to run out of things to say even if you only have so many tips or so many offers to mail out to them. That’s why it is okay to say the same thing and to promote the same URL multiple times in different email messages. You can send a reminder or follow-up, you can say the same thing but in a different way and even give them another reason to click or buy.

I have promoted the same offer for 45 days straight to my subscribers, no one complained, very few people unsubscribed and most importantly, there were consistent sales for all 45 days. That’s because I was consistent about my message. If you promote one URL one day in a different offer and address the next day, it’s not clear what you want people to do.

But many of your subscribers might have read one of your email messages and forgotten to click on your link or clicked on your link and forgot to buy. So there’s nothing wrong with saying, “Did you see this address yesterday,” and then give them the link or say, “Did you see this email message I sent yesterday,” and copy and paste the same message from yesterday to your subscribers today. There’s a reason why your autoresponder has what’s called a “follow-up sequence” so you can follow-up with your subscribers.

You can say the same thing in many different ways. For example, let’s say you were telling people what they need to have on a website. They need to have a website design, website content and an opt-in form you list those three things. But tomorrow you might say the same thing but in a different way. You might say, “Here are the top three mistakes that are made on a webpage. Having a bad design here are examples of that, not having enough content here are examples of that, and not having an opt-in form and here are different things you might have in place of an opt-in form,” and have your link underneath that message. But you said pretty much the same thing but in a slightly different way now listing it as a do’s and don’ts type of list instead of a step-by-step list.

Finally, we can have an email message giving people one more reason to click or buy. You might have a course about how to design a webpage and you list all these great reasons to buy but tomorrow you remember that people could also take your course and join some freelancing jobs and quickly make their money back from your course. You can say, “By the way, yesterday I forgot to tell you here is yet one more reason you could buy this course.” Remember with email messages you want to have short and to the point messages preferably less than a page if not half a page so it’s okay to send lots of short messages over the course of a few weeks.

It’s okay to send emails that deliver the same message. You can send a reminder, you send the same thing in different way or give people another reason to click and buy.

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