How Often To Mail Your Email Subscriber List,

Many people put a lot of effort into having an opt-in page, making a list and getting traffic to that list so that you can gather new volunteer email subscribers who will then read your messages and click on whatever links you send in those messages. Obviously, you want to have fans and you want to have people on your list who will go to your latest blog post, your latest affiliate link, your latest forum post or you later sales letter but how often should you mail, How often is too much, Is it possible to not mail often enough,

You should email your list at least once a week if not every day. I know that asking you out of the gate to email your subscribers every single day is a lot to ask which is why once a week is a good place to start until you get used to sending short and to the point messages and you make it a daily habit or routine to contact these subscribers. It’s okay to email your subscribers every single day because you’re giving them good information which leads me to the next common issue of “Should I send content emails or should I send pitch emails, Should I share lots of free tips or should I give them links on what to buy,”

The answer is both, you just emails that are a blend of content and pitch. You share with them a tip and then you explain how they can use that tip by buying this course. You solve one of their problems and say, “Now that this problem has been solved, the next step is to click on this link and buy this thing.” Your email is not 100% content but they are also not 100% pitch. Note that I said, not 100% content. That means that every one of your emails should lead to something.

You should have a call to action underneath this short message you’re sending. A call to action is just “Here is what to do after you read the email.” That might be, “Be on the lookout for my email tomorrow.” It might be, “Click on this link and read and comment on my blog post.” It might be, “Reply to this message,” or it might be, “Click on this link, go to this webpage and buy.” But make sure that your email messages don’t just leave your subscribers hanging. There’s a very clear step to take after they are finished reading.

Mail your list weekly, if not daily, blend your content and your pitch and be sure to send a short message with a call to action.

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