What Email Message To Send To Your Opt-in Subscribers Immediately After They Sign Up,

Great, you have an opt-in page with an opt-in form and you have at least one person who has come to that page, typed in their name and email address and joined your email subscriber list. But now the question is what message should you be sending to that subscriber right after they sign up,

I told you before that you need to offer a free gift as soon as someone joins your email list. So you have a five-page PDF or five-minute video that you are offering in exchange for their sign up which means that even if they signed up and you sent them to a web page where they were able to get at that gift you still should send them an email message immediately giving them a way back to that download page because we have all signed up for things online at work or at home or on our phones or at a different computer and forgot where the download page was.

At the same time it helps to send that introductory email so they are used to getting messages from you and start to recognize your name. And on that note you will also want to provide an introduction about yourself. Tell them what niche you’re in, what got you started. Write one simple three or four sentence paragraph saying who you are and why you created that gift.

Finally, add one extra sentence explaining how often you will email them and what kind of things you will be telling them about. Will you be offering free tips, blog post, offers whatever it is, it always helps to establish upfront how often and what kind of email messages they’ll be receiving from you. That way, they get exactly what they sign up for.

When your subscribers sign up, you should immediately give them a free gift and have your first email tell them where that free gift is located even if they were already redirected after sign up. Explain who you are in a couple of sentences and establish how often you will be emailing them and what kind of things you will mail them.

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