Specific Headlines And Bullet Points To Place On Your Opt-In Page

An opt-in page is very simple. Just have a web page, add a headline to it, list three bullet points under it, and place your opt-in form under those to make a very simple offer that people can understand in a short amount of time that is also detailed enough so that your new email subscribers know exactly what they are getting into. But if you have not seen many good examples of opt-in pages or you have not set up very many opt-in pages of your own, you might be confused about what kind of headline and what kind of bullet points you should be placing on this opt-in page. We’ll talk about that today.

For your headline, just keep it simple. We are not going for any silly phrases or clever words. We’re just saying exactly what people are getting. For example, “Free Video Shows You How To Learn To Swim In 5 Minutes Or Less.” Very simple. They know exactly what outcome they will be at as soon as they’re done watching the video and at the same time they know what the video is about. Probably showing how to swim the proper way.

One extra bonus you could add on this headline is state the dollar value of it. For example, if the video is worth $97 for someone. So learning how to swim in 5 minutes, instead of paying a swim instructor, then it’s worth that amount but it’s free. So the headline might say, “How To Learn To Swim In 5 Minutes With This Easy Video, $97 Value, Yours Free.” That will grab attention and state the value of this free gift they are about to get. Because we don’t want them to think that just because this gift is free, then it’s worthless. It has a value, but they are getting it for free in exchange for signing up to your list.

Now, below that headline, we want to list some specific bullet points so people will know what it’s about. And if you haven’t done this, it’s easy to get stuck. But I just want you to tell me what I can do with this video. Do you talk about the front stroke and backstroke, Then one of your bullet points might be, “Master both the front stroke and the backstroke.” Another bullet point might be that anyone at any age can use this training and a final bullet point might be that it works in ocean, in a swimming pool, no matter what. So, three bullet points saying what I can do with it. I can do it right away in any environment.

And if you’re still kind of stuck, tell me what results I can see from it and why I should get it right now. Obviously, if your video shows me how to swim in 5 minutes, the results are I can go from nothing to being a basic swimmer in just a few minutes from your video. And why get it now is the urgency. So, the urgency might be that you will be taking the page down later. Or that if they don’t learn this information right now, then a week or a month will go by and they still won’t know how to swim but if they had just given you 5 minutes, then they could have gotten that issue out of the way.

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