The Best And Worst Sources Of Traffic To Your Opt-In Page

The problem everyone on the internet has is that not enough people are looking at their web pages. If you can get even a few people to your website, get them on a list and send messages to them. Then you can get your visitors to return to your site over and over again. But this issue is how do you get them to your site that first time, You need to focus on traffic and get other websites on the internet to link over to you. But not all traffic sources are created equal. Let’s talk about the best and the worst places to get traffic.

The best places to get people to sign up to your list and to get to your opt-in page is from forums, articles and blog posts. This is good because we’re not asking for them to buy anything right away. They’re curious about you from your forums posts. Or they trust what you have to say from your articles and blog posts and they want to know more. So they came to your opt-in page from any of these places and see a certain offer and they’re not ready to buy yet but they want to be 100% sure that you know what you’re talking about and that you can help them with whatever their problem is. Maybe they want their car to drive faster, they want to write articles faster or wants to set up their website. They’ve come to your opt-in page. They’re not buying anything yet, they are signing up.

One thing I see happen that’s kind of silly is that some email marketers will send their existing subscribers to an opt-in page to get a gift. Which is silly because these people are already on their email list. Once someone is on your list, it’s your job to get them to buy, not to sign up for more free stuff. If someone is already on your list, I recommend that you link them directly to whatever new gift you have to offer or even better link them to something to buy and don’t try to get them to sign up for something else all over again.

And a questionable and not so great sources of traffic to get to your opt-in page are pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization. Pay-per-click advertising is fast if you can get it right but it’s easy to waste a lot of money on it and many of the ad networks have rules against linking directly to opt-in pages. They want you to link to pages with lots of content on them and it’s kind of difficult to have a certain page rank highly for specific keywords if there’s nothing on it other than your opt-in form. Search engine optimization or SEO is slow traffic and with SEO, you are hoping and guessing that your page will rank highly in the search results. SEO is a good afterthought because you might get lucky and rank for certain terms. What I prefer to do is have my blog rank highly in the search engines and then link from my blog onto my opt-in pages.

The best place to get lots of people to sign up to your opt-in page is from forum, article or blog post. If someone is already on your list, don’t get them to sign up for something again and don’t count on paid pay-per-click advertising or free SEO traffic to get a lot of subscribers in a hurry. They’re good afterthoughts and there are good advanced methods, but you will get the most and the best traffic to try you out and join your free list from forums, articles and blog posts.

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