How To Get The Most Number Of People To Opt In

Maybe you have an autoresponder service and you have a simple web page already set up. Now, we want to make sure that the most number of people sign up to our list. How do we do that, We do two different things. We make sure that as many people as possible see the page and you make sure that those people who do see the page sign up. What you want to do is deliver a free gift, make that gift easy to download and get as many links to that web page as possible.

You can try offering all kinds of things in exchange for signing up to your list. It can be a multi-day e-course, updates to your blog, a newsletter, but nothing converts quite as well as a free gift. But this can be very simple. It can be a 5-page PDF report or a 5-minute video or a simple piece of software. Just have something that solves a very common and desperate and specific problem. So we’re going to say on the opt-in page what that free gift is and yes, actually deliver it on the other side after somebody types in their name and email address and joins your list.

The next thing you want to do is make sure that it is easy to download this gift. Someone enters their information, you send them to another page where it’s very clear in giant text exactly how to get access to this video or this download. If you can make an audio or video automatically play, that’s great. But it’s far to call off people to have a download page with tons of links to all kinds of different areas and it’s not clear where the original gift was. Make it easy to download, try it out, make sure the link is working properly, and even have a friend sign up to your list just to make sure that anyone signing up can easily get to this free gift. Because you want people to stay on your list once they’ve joined so build that relationship and give them the exact same thing they signed up for.

And finally, there’s no point in creating the best gift or the best opt-in page if no one sees it. So get lots of links back to that opt-in page. Post articles, make forum posts, get others to promote it. But make sure that as many as possible are visiting that opt-in page so they can see your free gift and sign up for your mailing list if they decide they want it.

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