What Components To Place On Your Opt-In Page

I know that when I first started creating opt-in pages or web pages where people could enter their name and email address to join my subscriber list, I overthought it and I did not know what to put on that web page. But luckily, it’s pretty easy. After you make your first opt-in page, it will be easier to make your second, third and fourth opt-in pages to collect more email subscribers.

On your opt-in page, just add your headline, three good reasons why someone should join your list and specifically tell people what to type in the name and email box to join your list.

You already have your email autoresponder account set up and you’ve already copied your sign-up form onto a web page. And guess what, Some of the best converting web pages on the entire internet are nothing more than a headline and the sign-up form. Simpler is better in this case and what you want to do is have a giant, centered text exactly what it is you are offering. If you’re offering a newsletter, that’s great. What works even better is offering a bribe like a report or a video. So state something like, “Free video shows you how to post on a forum and get a hundred clicks back to your website.” Pretty simple, right, Just tell them exactly what you are offering.

But if you want to go into more detail, you don’t have to write a big, long web page. You can just add three simple bullet points or three good reasons why someone would want to get this gift today. One good reason for that kind of a bribe might be that it works on any form including ones they have not yet joined. Another good reason might be that this technique only takes 5 minutes out of every day and a third good reason might be that it works over and over again automatically. We have the headline and we have three bullet points. And one final component that will get way more sign-ups to your opt-in page is telling people what to do. Literally saying, “Type your first name and email address in the box below to get your first free gift. We’ll improve your conversion rate.” And obviously have the form below that.

So your opt-in page now has a headline, three good reasons to get your gift and instructions on what to do and finally the form, and you now have a simple but high-converting forced opt-in page.

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