Forced Opt-In, Blog Opt-In And Normal Opt-In Pages

You have an email autoresponder service and you have a sign-up form or opt-in form that allows people to enter their details to claim a free gift and begin receiving messages from you. Seems pretty simple, right, But there are a few ways you can use this to your advantage on your website depending on if you want a forced opt-in page, blog opt-in page or a normal opt-in page.

First, let’s go with the simple route: a normal opt-in page. You can have any website whether it’s a shopping cart website, article website, even a blog site, whatever it is. All you have to do to add an email subscriber list and allow people to receive updates whenever you update this site, is you join a third-party autoresponder service like Aweber. Then you take the sign-up form and just paste it on any of your web pages where you want to allow people to sign up or register for updates. This is a normal opt-in form. Log in, get the sign up code for your autoresponder and paste it onto any page of your website.

This is simple but you can get even more advanced with this and the first step is the forced opt-in page. What if you required people to enter in their name and email address before they had access to your site, Many gaming sites do this, where someone comes to the site to play an arcade type of game, but before they can play, they have to type in their name and email address. They can still get access for free but the cost is name and email address which they can then use to receive updates about the site and they can unsubscribe at any time. But a forced opt-in page is where there is a nothing to do on a particular page except to sign up for something. This might be in exchange for a free gift. And once someone signs up, you can then redirect them to your blog or to your sales letter or some other kind of web page.

And finally, there’s the blog opt-in. The number one missed opportunity I see happen on blogs is no one is capturing their visitor’s name and email address. On a blog, it’s very simple. In WordPress at least, you can go to Appearance > Widgets in the Dashboard and add what’s called a Text Widget’ and then simply paste in your sign-up form from your autoresponder into that widget. And if you don’t know how to do that, just pay someone $5 to add an opt-in form to your blog site bar.

I hope that made you aware of different ways you can add an opt-in page to your website. A normal opt-in page, which is where you add the form to any content page. A forced opt-in page, where there is nothing else people can do but sign up and then they get access to the site. And finally, a blog opt-in form, where you simply add your email sign-up form to the side of your blog so that that somebody who wants to be notified whenever you make a new blog post, they can get that message.

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