How To Set Up Your Opt-In Page

When you set up an opt-in page to build a list of subscribers and get people coming back to your blog or website over and over, you will need 3 specific components: an autoresponder service, a web page template and an opt-in form.

First of all, you need to pay a professional autoresponder service to allow you to send out messages to your subscribers. Don’t try emailing these people on your own or running any kind of program on your web post or your computer. You should use a service for this and I recommend Aweber.

What this service will allow you to do is generate what’s called a form that people can fill out with their details like their name and email address and after they fill out this form, they will be signed up at this service. Then you can log in to the service and send your messages to the entire list anytime you want. You need to have an autoresponder service. You will pay a small monthly fee for it but it’s worth it because you can actually start building your business instead of starting from scratch every single week.

Now you have this autoresponder service set up and you’re paying for it, but how do you ask people to get on your list, For this, you need a web page template. You need to have some kind of a design for a page and on that page you can add things like a headline and bullet points and even add this sign-up form so people can join your list for whatever you reason you give them and then you can begin sending them messages. Get a web page template and even if you add nothing else to that template, add what’s called the sign-up form’. Now, what’s the sign-up form’, When you log in to your autoresponder service, you have the ability to generate a form.

And it’s just a little thing people fill out to type in their name and email address and they click the submit’ or the next’ button and now you are allowed to send email marketing messages to them. And you don’t need to worry about what the form is made of or how it works, just know that you’ll log in to your autoresponder service, you create or generate this opt-in form and then copy it back out to your web page template so somebody can go to your site, choose to sign up for your email list, and now they are a subscriber and you can send messages to them.

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