Web Templates, Sales Letters, Opt-In Pages, And Download Pages

When it comes to the internet or anything computer related in general, you are going to come across lots of terms or jargon that are important but can be confusing at first. That is why today we will explain web templates, sales letters, opt-in pages, and download pages.

A web template is a design of a web page that does not contain any text or content. A web template might be something that looks like a piece of paper, it might be site design that looks like a blue background or a black background or a white background. Either way, it is a web page design where you have to fill in the content. This content might be a longer report, or article or list of articles, or a list or place to information, or any kind of content you wish can be placed in the middle of this template. Someone else took care of the design, it is up to you to fill in the blanks.

One such way to fill in the blanks is with a sales letter. This is a long web page where you explain some kind of an offer. You might be selling a physical book, a digital book, a membership site, a downloadable video, a DVD. You have something you are offering people, and at the bottom of this web page there is a payment button. There is a button that people can click on and type in there credit card details and after submitting the form they can now download your item or have it shipped to them. A sales letter is a long web page with a payment button.

Not all pages on the internet are meant to get you to buy. There are these things called Opt-In pages or sign up pages. This is a page where the goal of someone coming to the site if for them to fill in a form. They will usually fill in there first name, and email address. In the case of many sites such as FaceBook or MySpace, they ask for additional fields such as last name, or gender. An Opt-In page is a page with a form usually asking for a name and email address.

Finally, a download page is a web page linking to some kind of file that can be downloaded, usually a zip file. What we can have is, take an existing web template, add an opt-in page so that someone enters their name and email address when they come to our site, then they are sent over to a sales letter where we present an offer, and then after they buy we then redirect them to a download page where they can then download and watch what they just bought from you.

Those are web templates, sales letters, opt-in pages, and download pages.

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