Edit And Upload Files On Your Website Using These Programs

You have a website set up but what software should you use to make changes on your site, There are three pieces of software you need to be aware of which are filezilla, EditPlus, and WordPress.

First of all, you can use the filezilla program to drag and drop files from your desktop computer onto your website. It is pretty easy, you tell it what Host name, username and password – which is provided from your web host. It will magically connect to your web host and you can now drag and drop any files you want, .html, .txt, .mp3, images – any kind of file can go on your website.

Filezilla is good to get all your stuff set up for the first time. But then, to make changes to your website later, I will use a program called EditPlus. This is a text editor like Notepad or Microsoft Word, but it will connect to your website. That means if you need to make a small change in a web page or in a file, it can connect to your website and appear as if you are browsing a folder right there on your computer. You can double-click on a certain file, open it up, make changes, hit the save button, and it will upload those changes back to your website.

If you are really not that experienced or don’t want to edit files on your web host, you should have someone set up WordPress on your web host, which is a free piece of software. It will allow you to create a blog on your site, including the front page of your site. You can point and click different designs, easily add new content. There is very little technical stuff to worry about. Just click on a button and you can add new content to your site.

Those are three pieces of software you should be aware of when it comes to editing and uploading files on your website. Filezilla to transfer files, EditPlus to edit files, and WordPress to manage a blog or a point and click website directly on your web host.

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