How To Upload Files To Your Website Using FTP

You have a web hosting account, and you have a website set up. Now the question is, how can you get your web pages and your blog posts onto your website. One simple skill you are going to need to master is how to transfer files to your website using FTP or File Transfer Protocol.
Before doing anything, you need to get what is called an FTP client or a program that is made specifically for moving files to your website. I recommend a program called Filezilla. It runs on Mac and Windows. What happens is, you will install this program and it will ask you for a few pieces of information. It will ask you for a Host name, a username, and a password.

Once you have your web hosting account, I recommend hostgator, they will give you this information. They will tell you what Host name to type in, what username and what passwords – called your FTP user information, or your FTP log in details.

If you can log in without any errors, then the information is correct. Once you are logged in, you might see listing of many different folders and most web hosts will put your public web page files in a folder called public_html. If you simple double-click on this folder you will be taken inside the folder. Now you can drag and drop any files you want.

For example, if there was a file in your computer called information.txt, and you dragged that .txt file onto your website – then you could type in whatever .com/information.txt and it would show up. If you named a file index.html then it will function as the front page of your website. Which means that if someone just types in the name of your website .com, the page that loads would be your index.html page.

That is how you upload files to your website using FTP. Get an FTP client such as Filezilla, get the information which is the Host name, username and passwords from your web host and browse to the public_html folder.

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