How To Use Nameservers After You Have Purchased A Domain Name

The first time you set up a web host and a .com name of your very own, it can be kind of scary. The tricky part in this is telling the domain name registrar, or the people you pay yearly for your domain name where to look for, and what web host people should land on when they type in your web address.

This is where name servers come in. You don’t need to understand why they are called nameservers, or anything about the history of name servers. Just know that name servers tell your domain name company what web hosting company you are using.

That means when someone types in your domain name, they will end up at the place where you host your files, your blogs, and so on.

Here is what is going to happen. First, you register your domain name. Then, you get an account with your web host. When you get this web hosting account, they will tell you specifically what nameservers you need to use. They will usually be listed as and Anything after the NS1 and NS2 might be different.

Once they give you these two pieces of information, you need to log back into your domain name registrar and paste in the primary nameserver, and the secondary nameserver – the, the and after this, it might take about an hour for the changes to take effect. But if all goes well, after an hour – you should be able to type in your web address and end up at wherever your webhost is located.

By default, they might show you a welcome page. From there you can upload any page or file you want to appear when someone types in your web address.

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