“Why You Need A Domain Name Registrar And A Webhost”

When you have your very own website on the internet, which means a site with your own .com name that you have full control of. You will need two components. A registrar to take care of your .com name or domain name, and a web host to store your files and web pages.

A domain name registrar such as GoDaddy or NameCheap is a place where you buy a .com name. When you type in any web address that ends in .com, .net, .org, .edu and so on. These are all called domain names and someone is paying a yearly fee to some company to hold on to that domain name.

A good price to pay for a domain name is $10 per year. That is where you have a .com name. But, that alone means nothing. It means that you have reserved this address on the internet. But, if someone goes to that address there is nothing there, there is no website there. To establish your website, you need to get a web host. This is a place where you can upload your files and make changes and people can then view your site.

This is a service that you usually pay monthly for. I recommend hostgator. You can expect to pay $10 per month for their service.

Now what this means is when someone types in your web address, whatever your URL is .com, or whatever your URL .com/blog – they end up on your web host. You can’t have your registrar without a web host because your .com name would not lead people anywhere. And you also cannot have a web host without a registrar because your visitors need some address to type in to land on your website.

The good news is because these are both separate, you can be hosted anywhere. If you want to move your files to a different web host, or change your .com registration to a different domain name registrar – you can.

But, to have a fully functional website with your own .com name you need a registrar for the domain name and a web host to handle the files.

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